Doc Talk #210 – How to Prevent Heart Disease

We have come to accept illness and disease as an inevitable part of life, but in today’s show Dr Dan and Jamieson question this assumption. They reveal why the decisions you make now can have a dramatic impact on your health in the future.

We talked about using different calculators to work out your own individual risk of heart disease. These are available online here. (A caution – it is best to interpret the results from these calculators in conjunction with medical advice.

Mr Smith is a 65 year old man from Vegreville, who is looking forward to his retirement. We use the Framingham risk calculator to work out his risk of significant heart or vascular disease over the next 10 years. His risk surprised him (and may surprise you too!).

Mr Smith, do you feel lucky?

Without any efforts to control risk factors, chronic disease doesn’t just seem inevitable, it actually is.

All is not lost and many of these calculators allow you modify your risk factors and see the effect and impact.

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