Doc Talk #202 – Health Benefits of the Great Outdoors

The benefits of being outdoors on health have a long tradition, which has evolved into much of our modern thinking about health and wellness.

We have gone from sanitoria used to treat tuberculosis to contemporary outdoor spas!

The average Canadian spends more than 90% of their time indoors

Lower blood pressure, cortisol levels and immune-system boosting can result, as well as improved mood and attention-spans.

Forest-bathing (the Japanese term is shinrin-yoku) has been shown to impact the immune system, The chemicals released by plants and trees seems to have an effect on our biology in ways we are only beginning to undertsand.

In Norway, the concept of getting outdoors is known as Friluftsliv and it is included in the school curriculum. There are similar concepts in Germany, China and other countries around the world.

For listeners in the prairies, there are still ways to engage with the great outdoors, and can have a very real benefit on our health.

Photo by David Bruyndonckx on Unsplash

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