Doc Talk #193 – Staying Healthy During COVID-19 (and Perhaps Even Get Healthier)

It’s difficult to get away from coronavirus (COVID-19). In this episode Dr Dan and Jamieson discussed some opportunities to improve your health, despite the pandemic.

With some sensible precautions, we can protect ourselves from the virus, including: careful hand hygiene (soap and water is excellent for this, but we don’t recommend making your own hand sanitizer); avoid touching your face, if you are ill stay at home and don’t expose others to your sickness; do seek medical attention if you are getting unwell; avoid large gatherings; try to observe physical distancing precautions; and be considerate of others and avoid hoarding of supplies.

Slow down, simplify your routine. Much of the stress and anxiety of daily life is related to the way that many of our habits are automatic.

Take an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends, using virtual technology. Antidote to loneliness.

Get outside, even for a few minutes, you might even develop a healthy habit of increased physical activity. Remember even a brisk walk can have significant benefits for your cardiovascular health.

Lots of the foods being hoarded are processed snack foods. We haven’t seen a big shortage of fruits and vegetables. Many of the other components of a Mediterranean diet are also readily available. Now might be the time to learn how to use them, check out some cooking channels on YouTube or on TV.

Finally chance to think about own mental health and sanity. Many of the makers of mindfulness apps are offering free trials during the pandemic.

With the right actions, you might even have the chance to emerge from COVID-19 healthier than before and lay the foundation for a healthier rest of your life!

Photo by Todd Cravens on Unsplash

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