Doc Talk #191 – Women in Healthcare

For International Womens’ Day, in this show Dr Dan and Jamieson talked about the role of women in healthcare.

Learn about the story of a true trailblazer in Canadian healthcare: Dr Emily Stowe.

We also delved into bias against women. This includes the origins of the term hysteria, we discussed some evidence that women have their pain taken less seriously than men and even looked at leading-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence medical systems which can perpetuate sociological biases again women: in an app where the same symptoms in a man give a diagnosis of heart attack, whereas in females they are ascribed to panic attack – see here (sorry, this article is paywalled) and in a free to access article here.

Healthcare professions are not immune from these biases, and Dr Dan and Jamieson talked about the gender gap in pay among physicians, the fact that male and female doctors spend different amounts of time with their patients (hint: it’s not what you might expect) and look at some evidence that hospitalized patients treated by female physicians actually do better than when treated by male doctors.

Click above to listen again and learn more about the importance of gender diversity, the critical contribution made by females in healthcare and what we can all do to minimize bias.

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