Doc Talk #184 – Dry January and Veganuary

Want to save money, sleep better, have more energy, feel healthier and lose weight? In today’s show, Jamieson and Dr Dan discussed some start of the year initiatives designed to promote health: Dry January and Veganuary.

The low risk alcohol drinking guidelines in Canada recommend:

  • No more than 10 “standard drinks” a week for women, and 15 for men
  • A “standard drink” is 12oz of beer, 5oz of wine, or 1.5oz of liquor
  • No more than 3 drinks on any single occasion for women, and 4 for men

Dry January is thought to have started in the UK a few years ago and has been hugely successful . Check out the Dry January campaign website here, you can learn more about the benefits that many people have enjoyed for giving up booze for a month – including saving money, better sleep, health, improved energy and a more mindful approach to alcohol usage.

If you’re thinking of taking on dry January yourself, we provided you with some really helpful practical tips to increase the chances of success.

We also talked about Veganuary, a somewhat less well known January-based initiative, designed to promote a vegan diet.

Image by Fabio Ingrosso [CC BY (

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