Doc Talk #183 – Airing of the Grievances (or how to spot Health Fraud)

In this show, we talked about the airing of grievances in a Grinch-esque counterpoint to the festive season – and discussed the topic of health fraud.

Some of the stories in this show will make Santa Claus flying around the world look like solid news narrative

As well as discussing some things which might tip you off to a claimed remedy as not likely to live up to the marketing hype, in this show we talked about three specific areas of rather dubious products and services: alkaline water, cold laser and detox foot baths.

There is some great advice on how to spot potential health fraud available from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) here.

Despite some of the problems we talked about in the show, Dr Dan actually is quite a big fan of complementary medicine in general. Click above to listen again and learn why!

Image by Tim & Selena Middleton from Toronto, Canada [CC BY (

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