Doc Talk #182 – The Misery of Minor Illness

In the last show of 2019, Dr Dan and Jamieson we talked about many of the minor ailments which are plaguing many of our listeners.

Want to know how long you can expect your illness to last? (Hint: it may be longer than you think). Do you know the difference between bacteria and viruses or why taking antibiotics for viral infections can be like pouring water on an oil fire!).

Want to know why ear drops don’t usually help much? Or whether eye drops are helpful for watery or pink eyes?

The good news is that although aren’t any magical cures, there are some good treatments available in the grocery store or without a prescription from the pharmacist that can help with your symptoms (including some that are terribly underrated!).

Click the link above to listen again and learn more.

Image by mcfarlandmo [CC BY (

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