Doc Talk #181 – Food Labelling

There is some great information on food labelling from the Government of Canada here.

We reviewed a recent study which suggested that Physical Activity Calorie Equivalent labelling (PACE) could have a significant impact on rates of overweight and obesity. However, just putting that it takes 4 hours of walking to burn off a pizza is not a magic bullet.

By law, most food sold in Canada has to be labelled with nutrient content. We talked about what you should look out for, particularly if you specific health conditions, such as high blood pressure. There is a gotcha – it is important to check the serving size.

You can find a wealth of other information including allergens and nutritional claims.

We also demystified the issue of date labelling of food. Want to know your expiry date from your best before date? Click above to hear about this (and much more) as Dr Dan and Jamieson talk all about food labelling.

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