Doc Talk #178 – Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

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We live in an age when it is easy go get health information really quickly (and Google gets 1 billion searches a year related to health, or 70,000 searches a minute!). This means there are challenges in terms of curation, authority of information sources and hidden conflicts of interest. Not only do people sometimes search for and worry unnecessarily, but also there is a risk that people might ignore symptoms which they should not have.

In this show we discuss some unignoreable symptoms, based on Dr Dan’s experience, with a focus on heart disease and cancer.

The risk of all diseases goes up with age. If you are older, you should be generally more suspicious of your symptoms. If you have risk factors, you should also pay more attention.

Click on the link above to listen again and learn about the things you should not ignore!

Image adapted from Soman assumed (based on copyright claims). [CC BY-SA 2.5 (]

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