Doc Talk #174 – Healthumentaries

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Are you a budding screenwriter or videography? Want to create your own health focused documentary? Dr Dan provides a discussed a proven (but somewhat tongue-in-cheek) method for creating your own award-winning film!

Although many healthumentaries are entertaining, many of them presenting classic David v Goliath stories railing against the industrialization of food production, often with a side serving of conspiracy, they are not usually a source of authoritative healthcare information.

If we were all responsible for growing our own food, a good chuck of us would die!


It’s not all bad however – the rise of healthumentaries can help to promote growing awareness of healthcare issues, reflecting the democritization of healthcare in our society, and can sometimes be the source of helpful inspiration.

The most important message for listeners? Watching a health documentary on Netflix is not going to make you healthier!

Dr Dan

Image by Nefirious [CC BY 3.0 (

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