Doc Talk #171 – Brain Training and the Distracted Mind

In recent years, there has been increasing interest in “brain training”. With a plethora of brain training and other mind-bending apps, websites and games on the market, in this show Dr Dan and Jamieson explore the question of whether they actually work. We put Jamieson through his paces as he undertakes an online memory test as well!

We discuss neural plasticity, why London taxi drivers have bigger parts of the brains than the rest of us, the theory behind brain training, and the reality.

If you want to learn how often we check our smart phones, the problem with distractions, what is meant by Deep Work, how husbands and wives seem to split up their memories between them, and why posting pictures to social media may mean you actually remember events less well, click above to listen again.

Image by Tumisu [CC0]