Doc Talk #170 – Taking the First Step

It can be very intimidating to try and adopt a healthier lifestyle. There are all kinds of barriers that might get in the way, and you may not succeed.

We talked about physical activity. If you have never been to a gym, or a running group, or find the entire concept of physical activity foreign, it can be very daunting. We talked about some of the fears and anxieties that can get in the way.

We have visited the topic of goal-setting previously. Set up for success by picking some small, readily achievable goals. Starting out with a goal that is too ambitious can make you feel discouraged. Jamieson shared his approach to journalling mini-goals in the interim.

Make sure have the right equipment. You don’t need the latest fanciest equipment, but make sure things like your shoes are good enough if you are going to take up running, for example.

You can often get great advice from others who are exercising. People are always more than willing to share their expertise.

Perhaps, less obviously is that even trying to change your diet can be very intimidating. At DocTalk we love the Mediterranean diet, but branching out from what you usually eat can be tough.

Regardless of the lifestyle change you’d like to make it, we encouraged listeners to take the first step, and give it a go!

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