Doc Talk #169 – Musculoskeletal Therapies

Just in case you took last week’s show to heart and have been increasing your physical activity, you might be at risk of injuring yourself, unless you take necessary precautions and build up slowly and gentle.

In the bid to achieve “marginal gains and gain competitive advantage, many professional sports teams and individuals have tried approaches to managing sporting-injuries which may not be borne out by evidence.

There is definitely a role for simple approaches including stretching, working on core strength and flexibility in both preventing and managing sports-related injuries. The old-fashioned approach of ‘static-stretching’, especially before exercise has been criticized in recent years as potentially increasing the risk of injury.

Dynamic stretching and core-strengthening are where it is at nowadays. We love Yoga with Adriene, and in particular her 7 minute post-run routine

If you are thinking of trying ultrasounds, TENS treatment, cupping, stem-cell treatment, PRP or someone is suggesting you should, listen again to learn more.

We came across some really interesting decision-aid tools developed by the Cochrane Musculoskeletal group to help you choose, for example, whether you should have ultrasound treatment for knee osteoarthritis.

We also talked about recent advice by Health Canada relating to stem-cell treatments.

Cupping image by quatro.sinko [CC BY-SA 2.0 (

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