Doc Talk #167 – Rural Healthcare

In this episode Dr Dan and Jamieson discussed the challenges of rural healthcare. We encourage everyone to think bigger when it comes to improving rural healthcare outcomes.

If you want to learn about what makes rural healthcare different, some of the issues and potential solutions, click above to listen again.

Beyond access, there can be issues related to stigma, privacy, health literacy, communications. We presented some statistics for Vegreville and Minburn county around income, physical activity and diet.

We discussed the decline in tuberculosis mortality over the last 150 years. Most of the drop in deaths occurred way before antibiotics were introduced.

Image from Boston University, School of Public Health (

We also referenced ruralhealthinfo (a US-based website, the Rural Health Information Hub) which has a lot more information and the Alberta Healthier Together website which includes community dashboards so you can find statistics for where you live.

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