Doc Talk #164 – Intermittent Fasting

Very popular these days, intermittent fasting is an often employed approach to weight loss. Although we have discussed diets in some detail in a previous episode in this show we considered IF in more detail.

Along with speculating on the sociological reasons for our predilection for these kind of diets (including the life expectancy of cavemen), we review the different kinds of intermittent fasting regimens. Learn about 5:2, alternate days and time-restricted IF.

IF has some interesting elements, including the importance of paying attention to our natural body-clocks.

if you want to know what effect intermittent fasting has on your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and other factors, click above to listen again. You’ll also hear the massively-simplified, straightforward and DocTalk-approved version and our very own “intermittent fasting” diet.

Clock image by Sebastienm, Wikimedia Commons [(CC BY-SA 2.5)]

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