Doc Talk #161 – Misdiagnosis / Medicine is for Gamblers

Gain some insights into the art of medicine in this show, where Dr Dan and Jamieson discuss the process of diagnosis.

A Washington Post article claimed that 20% of patients with a serious illness are misdiagnosed at the beginning.

What is the difference between misdiagnosis and overdiagnosis? We learn about the hazards of “incidentalomas”. What is a false positive or a false negative?

We discussed some of the challenges around the diagnosis process, including the importance of “pre-test probability”.

If we did a pregnancy test on Jamieson and it is positive, then we know that is a false positive. How good a test is depends not just on the test itself, but how likely you are to have the condition.

Learn about why “medicine is for gamblers” (with a nod to the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine) by clicking above to listen again.

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