Doc Talk #153 – Back to Basics

We have been going back through the Doc Talk archives and discovered that we missed a whole month of episodes! We are therefore pleased to present these long lost episodes for your listening pleasure.

In this episode, Dr Dan and Jamieson talked about how we can take a more holistic view of health. Rather than focusing on the downstream problems of health (often with technological and clinical solutions) we might do better (both as doctors and patients) to think about our lives and how they contribute.

Jamieson argued it can be easier for patients to focus on the immediate problem. Dr Dan suggested that the way that physicians are trained is also likely to contribute. The pressure on healthcare providers to see patients quickly and efficiently can mean there isn’t much time available.

We fall into a “pill for every ill” mindset

The relationships between lifestyle factors and health manifestations can be complicated – there may be delays or multiple steps between cause and effect.

We’re not set up to eat healthily in Alberta… In order to eat healthily you have to avoid the unhealthy defaults. You have to navigate your way through this system which is designed to achieve the very opposite.

Our working patterns, sleep patterns and sense of a lack of control over our lives can also contribute.

Listen in on the discussion by clicking the link above to listen again! Learn about four simple steps that will help you make the lifestyle change you want.

More information about the Mediterranean diet can be found here.

We also talked about sleep, physical activity and connecting with others.

Mediterranean diet image by G.steph.rocket [CC BY-SA 4.0 (