Doc Talk #142 – Measles

There has been a recent global resurgence in measles. In Canada, there was a recent outbreak in British Columbia. Measles has been in the media, so no surprise this was one of our most popular recent shows.

In this show we talked about the measles virus, including it’s contagiousness, symptoms and potential complications.

It is only found in humans, so could be eradicated, if we had sufficient vaccination.

Happily immunization is highly effective and can help to protect against measles. Virtually everyone can be immunized with the MMR vaccine (with very few exceptions: those who are pregnant, those who have immune system problems and those with very severe previous allergic reactions to the vaccine).

The bonus of the MMR is you don’t just get protected against measles, but mumps and rubella as well

Want to learn whether you have had the necessary 2 doses of MMR vaccine for maximum protection? Check to see whether you have any records at home. If you’re unsure, in Alberta, you can call Health Link by dialling 811, or you can contact your local health unit. If there is any uncertainty, it is safe to have additional MMR shots to be sure.

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More information is available on the Alberta Health Services website here.