Doc Talk #140 – Families, Health and Wellness

In honour of family today, today we talked about things you can do as a family (no matter what your family looks like) to help you all stay healthy and improve your wellness!

Did you know something as simple as eating dinner together regularly can have a big impact on children?

Cooking together can help younger members of the family develop important life skills

Talking to the very youngest members can help their development. We talked about the ’30 million word gap’ and a summary of this work can be found here.

Families can have a big influence in promoting (or detracting from!) healthier habits and lifestyles.

Modelling of behaviour by parents can also impact childrens’ behaviour, including physical activity.

We don’t want to forget the seniors in the family. Loneliness can be a huge problem. In the show we’ve got some great tips on how to combat loneliness in the most elderlu members of your tribe!

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