Doc Talk #139 – Probiotics

Probiotics have become increasingly popular in recent years. In response to a request from listeners, we dedicated this show to talking about probiotics.

Want to know your probiotic from your prebiotic from your synbiotic? Interested in learning about what probiotics can really do for you? Did you know there are some great natural sources of probiotics, rather than just popping a pill? Click the link above to listen again and learn more.

We talked about some of the more experimental ways that bowel flora have been manipulated (particularly to treat some serious bowel infections) including (gulp) faecal transplants.

One of our top tips for probiotics? Try to avoid massive disruption of your bowel flora in the first place by avoiding unnecessary antibiotics. (We have some previous shows on antibiotic awareness and antibiotic resistance available online). If you want to consume probiotics consider natural food sources.

Featured image by Bob Blaylock [CC BY-SA 3.0 (