Doc Talk #136 – Staying Well this Winter

Is winter getting you down? Fed up with the weeks of freezing temperatures and short days? In this episode of DocTalk, Dr Dan and Jamieson discuss some tips to feel well this winter.

After the carbohydrate fest of winter holidays, take care of your diet. Keep it colourful Eating well – choose foods of different colours, build up fruit and vegetables.

Go outside – even a few minutes can be a massive mood boost. Be careful to check the weather warnings, and wrap up well and protect your skin to avoid frostbite.

Connect with others – meet up with a friend. Maybe walk over to their place?

Music can be a great mood booster – especially if you’re exercising at the same time!

Feeling a bit blah is common during the winter and is not usually a sign of more serious problems. However if you have persistent issues with mood, then think about connecting with a mental health professional. We mentioned the Bell Let’s Talk website which has some great resources for maintaining mental health.

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