Doc Talk #135 – the Christmas Show



In this show, we started with a heart-warming tale of a 4 year old child who unlocked his mother’s iPhone using her thumbprint and then asked Siri to call an ambulance.

Mr CLAUS, Santa
Presenting Complaint: 
"I want an annual physical, Ho Ho Ho!"

Other Factors:
Elves face significant occupational health and 
safety risk
Check our our show on injury prevention

BMI: 45 - Obese III
Want to lose weight? Or learn about weight-loss diets

Alcohol consumption:
Excessive. 1 alcoholic beverage/household visited.
Learn more about alcohol here.

Physical activity:
Sedentary. Spends large amounts of time seated on 
a sleigh.
Recommendation: stop sleigh 10 minutes away from 
each house,
To increase his physical activity.
Consider taking part in a Santa run.

Tobacco use:
Smoke encircles his head like a wreath.
Smoking cessation advice.

Other advice:
Cover up well to avoid hypothermia/frostbite.
Be cautious with winter activities, especially
motorized ones.
Consider vitamin D supplement.
Be cautious of contracting animal-borne diseases from 
close contact with reindeeer.
Check for ticks from reindeer following each sleigh 

Social history:
Lives with wife (Mrs Claus), frequent arguments because 
of his sexist, anti-feminist perspective
Stress management recommended.
2 children. Advice given on managing childhood illness.

Physical examination:
Cheeks like roses. Nose like a cherry.
Broad face. Little round belly (shakes when he laughs 
like a bowlful of jelly).

Needs to attend to lifestyle factors.

We’re not going to give out a car (Oprah-style), but we will give you health advice “You get health advice, you get health advice, you get health advice!”

Wishing all our listeners a very Merry Christmas!


Title image by Silar CC BY-SA 3.0 (, from Wikimedia Commons