Doc Talk #115 – Intimate Partner Violence



We are not very good at judging risk. Many of us worry about about being a victim of random violence, but the statistics are clear: the biggest risk comes from those who are closest to us. In this show Dr Dan and Jamieson discussed this important issue, gave some advice and talked about some sources of support.

One third of women have been abused by an intimate partner at some point in their lives. The economic cost to Canada is about $7.5 billion each year.


If you are a victim of intimate partner violence, you can call the family violence helpline any time 

☎ 310-1818 (Alberta)

You can also chat online by clicking here

Here is a comprehensive list of other support lines across Canada


Family and friends have a role to play – you might be able to pick up on signs: unexplained injury, delay in seeking help, frequent ER visits, missing medical appointments or increasing social isolation. Don’t hesitate to have the conversation if you are worried about someone.

For victims of intimate partner violence, we made a number of suggestions including:


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