Doc Talk #112 – Zoonoses



In this show Dr Dan and Jamieson talked about zoonoses – these are diseases that can be caught from animals.

There is no doubt that pets and animals can be extremely beneficial, with some evidence that pets can lower blood pressure, reduce stress and improve wellbeing.

We talked about animal bites: cat and dog bites are treated with antibiotics BEFORE they get infected. Although rabies is not a big problem in domestic animals in Alberta (we do occasionally see cases in bats), it is something that we also think about and your physician will assess the risk.

We also discussed toxoplasmosis (acquired from cat faeces) and tapeworm, and diseases from exotic pets including salmonella and even the humble fish: mycobacterium marinarum (fish tank granuloma).

Ringworm is one of the commonest infections we see in the clinic and often acquired from dogs and cats. It is not a worm, but actually a form of skin fungus.

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