Doc Talk #111 – Leaving no Stone Unturned



We talked about stones of all kinds in this episode of the show. They are not to be underestimated, and kidney stones can be notoriously painful, whilst gallstones can lead to serious disease including infection and pancreatitis.

I’ve had women tell me that compared to the pain of kidney stones, childbirth was nothing

Click the link above to listen again and learn more about the symptoms of kidney stones, causes and ways to reduce your risk of developing kidney stones (short answer: drink more fluids).

Gallstones were also mentioned, including symptoms and treatment. Most gallstones do not cause any symptoms at all however. People are particularly prone to form gallstones during periods of rapid weight loss (for example ‘crash’ diets).

Doctalk being Doctalk, it behoves us to talk about lifestye and its impact on kidney stones and gallstones. Approximately 1/3 of gallstones in men could be prevented by regular physical activity.