Doc Talk #109 – Transplantation



Jamieson has obviously not been listening to our own episodes – in this show he revealed a run of bad luck recently, with not one but two visits to the emergency room this summer! If you are interested in learning how to reduce your risks of similar misfortune(!) click here to listen to our previous episode. on how to stay out of the ER.

In this show we walked about transplanation, including the large numbers of tissues and organs that can now be transplanted.

We talked about some statistics relating to the number of people on the transplant list in Alberta and Canada. There is always more demand for organs than supply. Some organs can be transplanted from living donors (kidneys, partial liver transplants, bone marrow) but most cannot.

You can learn more about the Alberta Organ and Tissue Donation Registry if you are interested in learning more and you can even register online.