Doc Talk #106 – How to Stay out of the ER this Summer!



In this show, inspired by Kenny Chesney’s ‘Summertime’ we talked about some of the health hazards associated with the summer, and how to stay out of the emergency room!

Don’t be that guy that mows the lawn with bare feet and ends up coming into emerg with his toes in a bag

Drivers need to take note of the fact that this time of year leads to more cyclists and motorcyslists on the roads.

Click here to read some motorbike safety tips from the RCMP

Wear a helmet if you are cycling, and parents should set a good example and make sure they wear helmets too!

One of the commonest serious accidents we see locally involve ATVs. Transport Canada has good information on ATV safety, including training courses. At DocTalk we love the website and this has some great ATV safety information too.

Water safety is also crucial as many people swim or boat during the summer. Many drownings are associated with alcohol/drug use or inadequate supervision of children. The Canadian Red Cross has some great summer water safety tips. Swimming in summer lakes can also lead to some less severe problems, such as swimmer’s itch.

We’ve talked about taking care in the sun on a previous show, and we also discussed bites/stings.

Be careful of fire pits – the combination of fire pits and alcohol leads to accidents every summer. Yardwork and rennovation can also be hazardous.

People who for 11 months of the year, often with no practical experience or skills (like me) think “Let’s build a deck, or knock up a pergola”, “How hard can it be?”

Some of these can be minor and irritating, but some summer accidents can be life-changing. We hope that if you take heed of these summer safety tips, you’ll be able to enjoy the summer, instead of spending it at the doctor’s office!


(Ice cream image by Alex Jones)

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