Doc Talk #105 – Healthy Communities



In this show we talked about the Healthy Communities approach.

Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets

We talked about some of the building blocks behind healthy communities and the desire to focus on positive activities that generate wellbeing, rather than our traditional (and perhaps usual) focus on more negative elements such as treating disease or preventing disease.






Here is a useful primer on the Healthy Communities approach

There is some great information including examples, tools and ideas at the Alberta Healthy Communities Hub website – this website also has links to some of the examples that we talked about in the program, such as no smoking signs where children play, and the salad in a jar project!

Locally, in Vegreville we highlighted some of the organizations making a contribution to our community including the Vegreville and Region Childhood Development Coalition and Vegreville in Bloom. We talked about some initiatives from around the province including