Doc Talk #92 – Technology and Innovation in Healthcare



Dr Dan and Jamieson gazed into a crystal ball for this show and talked about some of the innovations that are changing medicine and healthcare.  There is a lot of hype around healthcare technology and many of the supposedly transformative innovations never come to pass.

We have done the work for you and in this episode we discussed the more realistic technology that is likely to impact medicine within the next decade.

All this stuff seems like science fiction, until one day it becomes reality

It is possible to do your own genetic engineering at home for less than $200!

It is extraordinary to think that the first genome sequencing in humans cost billions of dollars, but now it can be done for a few thousand dollars.

Click above to listen again and hear about the extraordinary story of Barry Marshall who won a Nobel prize for his work on H. pylori.

We also talked about personalized or ‘precision’ medicine, where treatment decisions are made on the basis of the specifics of your disease and genetics.

Artificial intelligence, perhaps better thought of as ‘machine learning’ is also likely to have significant implications of healthcare. The implementation of a province-wide Clinical Information System (CIS) Connect Care project in Alberta will lead to huge ‘big data’ opportunities.

3d printing is another innovation that is already making waves in healthcare. We talked about its current and potential applications in medicine. We are still a long way away from ‘bioprinting’ – being able to print entire organs however.