Doc Talk #81 – Exposure



We talked about problems associated with exposure to the cold: notably frostbite and hypothermia.

There is extraordinary pressure on medical services from falls this time of year – you have to be extremely careful and we recommend adopting the Penguin Walk (you can find a link to it here on the Alberta Health Services website, along with some other great advice about staying safe when conditions are slippery).

(We promised a link to the unofficial, DocTalk Penguin Walk video as well, that’s here!)

Frostbite is damage to extremities such as hands, feet, noses and ears associated with exposure to cold. Certain people are at particular risk, especially if you have peripheral vascular disease, diabetes or Raynaud’s syndrome.

We didn’t have temperatures of minus 30 in England, so I can only assume the Boy Scouts of Canada are extraordinarily hardy!

We talked about what to do if you get frostbite, including first aid measures.

We also discussed hypothermia. Seniors are at particular risk from this because of reduce ability to adapt to colder temperatures and the use of medication which affect this as well. In the show we gave you some tips on how to prevent and treat hypothermia.

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