Doc Talk #71 – Medical marijuana



In this show we talked about marijuana. This is a hot topic given the impending legalization in Canada next year.

We talked about the active components including THC and CBD, and the differences between medical and recreational marijuana. It has actually been possible to access cannabis for medical purposes in Canada since 1999, but has been brought into sharper focus recently.

We discussed usage patterns, side effects, mental health and physical problems that can result from cannabis use, including cannabis use disorder. The disadvantages are well known, but unfortunately we have much less evidence about the benefits.

It has been studied in certain circumstances: some forms of chronic pain, spasticity from multiple sclerosis, for appetite stimulation in HIV/AIDs.

If you have a heavily advertised product where the motive is profit, particularly if you combine that with power single anecdotes of how marijuana had a miraculous effect on someone’s life, you end up with a rather distorted view

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