Doc Talk #66 – Bipolar disorder


Image by John Snape (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Dr Dan and Jamieson talked about bipolar disorder in this show. The old-fashioned name for bipolar disorder is ‘manic depression’. Our mental health shows always receive good feedback and we have every previous show on the website, including our shows on anxiety and depression.

One of the things I have noticed a clinician about patients with mania or hypomania that it is quite infectious

We discussed what bipolar disorder is, how to recognize some of the symptoms including mania and hypomania and how it can be managed. Click on the audio link above to learn more.

We are lucky to have some great resources locally in Vegreville, including the mental health unit.

Lifestyle measures (as ever are always helpful).

Mood charting can be helpful in recognizing early deteriorations and intervening early. Here is a link to a downloadable mood chart.