Doc Talk #63 – Being an active partner in your own healthcare



There is a perception that healthcare is something which is done to people, rather than with people. In this show we discussed how to be an active partner in your own health.

I often get suggestions from listeners about topics for DocTalk, they used to just show me their rash in Walmart

We are used to the concept of shared-decision making and if you have ever had a medical procedure done, you’ll be very used to the idea of informed consent.

Managing your own healthcare is a bit like a job. Even a low risk patient has lots of task to do; if you have a chronic disease you may need to spend a couple of hours a day actively managing your health!

We have become a quick fix society, ‘give me my pill, make me better right now’ society

We talked about the barriers to self management, including lack of reliable information.

You think Trump thought fake news was bad for the US, it’s a disaster for healthcare!

There are some excellent sources of good healthcare information that you can rely on:

MyHealth Alberta

811 (Health Link)

HEAL (for childhood illnesses)

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