Doc Talk #49 – Seniors Health



In this show we focused on seniors and their health problems. They are particularly vulnerable to having lots of medical problems.

Medicine is so good these days at treating and managing chronic conditions, that people accumulate them

As well as healthcare issues, there are other issues related to sensory problems, social isolation, as well as mobility and memory concerns.

Vegreville library hosts a seniors walking program to help maintain levels of physical activity during the winter months

Locally VTSS offers subsidized transportation to help retain independence

Seniors need good generalist health (usually coordinated by a family physician).

Death by a thousand specialists… they’re spending their entire life going back and forth to medical appointments

It is easy for seniors to get overloaded and overwhelmed. Add into the mix polypharmacy (large numbers of medications) and it can sometimes feel like life revolves around entirely healthcare. The average senior is taking 15 different medications, which will cause 9 drug related problems. Reducing the numbers of medications or deprescribing is particularly important in seniors.

The focus should be on quality of life. We talked in previous episodes about the futility of some medical treatments, this is all the more important if you are a senior. Continuity of care is especially important.

You want your family doctor not to be an expert in every area of medicine, but to be an expert in you



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