Doc Talk #42 – Blood Pressure



In this episode Dr Dan and Jamieson talked about blood pressure.

We included some great tips on how you can lower your blood pressure substantially.

Would it be to much to ask, that just once you come in and tell us ‘I’ve got one little pill to solve all your problems’? You’re always talking about lifestyle!

We talked about the best way to measure your blood pressure, what kind of machines to use and what your blood pressure should be (140/90 or less for most people).

We mentioned the DASH diet (dietary approaches to stopping hypertension) which is available completely free here!

Doctors have a very different perspective on high blood pressure than patients. The risks of high blood pressure affect your risk of heart attack and stroke, but over many years! It is easy for patients to get stressed about high blood pressure and this raises blood pressure further!

If you have high blood pressure and other things going on (chest pain, symptoms of stroke, breathlessness, pregnancy etc) then this is different and you seek attention – the high blood pressure can be a symptom of a more serious illness, such as a heart attack.

We gave some lifestyle advice to lower blood pressure by up to 40 points! Exercise, reducing salt consumption, avoiding excess alcohol, weight loss among other measures can have a dramatic impact.