Doc Talk #38 – the Lifestyle Challenge


In this show Dr Dan and Jamieson introduced our Lifestyle Challenge guest – the amazing Cody Yaxley!

Cody is a volunteer firefighter as well as working as an emergency medical responder and at Ford in Vegreville.

He told us about his motivations for increasing his physical activity. As well as just generally being healthier, he wants to get in shape for the Calgary Firefighter Stairclimb Challenge, raising awareness and support for people who have been diagnosed with cancer. The Stairclimb Challenge requires participants to climb the 1204(!) steps of the Calgary Bow Skyscraper, in full duty gear (30-40lb in weight).

If you want to help Cody reach his fundraising goal of $1000, click here to go his fundraising page.

We are hugely grateful for the support of the awesome SNAP fitness in Vegreville who have given Cody a free 3 month pass to help him reach his lifestyle goals.

Christy Webb of Snap Fitness Vegreville and Cody Yaxley


Cody and his firefighter team have been practising using the Vegreville fire tower. To carry out the challenge he is going to have be able to scale the local tower 22 times. So far they have managed 7.

In week 1, Cody has been able to stairclimb the equivalent of a third of the way up the Bow tower

We’ll follow his progress on Doc Talk as moves towards his goal.