Doc Talk #26 – Concussion



In this show we talked concussion or as Jamieson referred to it, ‘getting your bell rung’. This is important for kids playing sports in particular.


Jamieson: This is going to be a very popular show because there’ll be a lot of parents asking themselves the question, ‘should we put our kids in sports, with all the talk about concussion?’

Dr Dan: Yes is the answer!


The days of kids getting a head injury or concussion and going straight back to play should be over.

When to worry and think about calling 911?

  • Neck pain
  • Very confused
  • Repeated vomiting
  • Seizures/fits
  • Weakness in arms/legs, or tingling/burning in the arms/legs
  • Remaining unconsciousness/blacking out repeatedly
  • Double vision
  • Behavioural changes


There is some fantastic information for parents, coaches and healthcare professionals on assessing and managing concussion at CATTonline


We shouldn’t let worry about possible head injury get in the way of ensuring children enjoying physical activity however.

The dangers of sitting on the coach eating donuts are much much higher than any potential danger from concussion on the hockey rink or on the soccer field