Doc Talk #9 – Vaccinations (part 1)



The debate around vaccination is fierce. We tried to take a middle line in this episode. There is a significant amount of harm that can be done by both pro- and anti-vaccination campaigners.

The development of vaccination by Edward Jenner led to the eradication of smallpox, a disease which was one of the worlds’ greatest scourges in 1980. It had killed millions of people, and now only exists in highly secure research laboratories.



A case of smallpox, which has now been eradicated.


Unfortunately the history of vaccination has been chequered by Dr Andrew Wakefield, who is one of the greatest medical fraudsters of all time.

If there was an anti-Nobel prize it would probably go to Andrew Wakefield… there is no link between MMR and autism outside of Andrew Wakefield’s mind

His work has been completely discredited and no-one believes it, but it has had a profound legacy, leading to the resurgence of serious diseases such as measles.

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