Doc Talk #2 – The Great Weight Loss Secret



Following on from the success of our first episode, Dr Dan discussed the number 1 weight loss secret that no-one wants you to know.

The secret is that there is no secret

Weight loss is difficult. You are fighting biology. If there really was a safe effective remedy, then no-one would be overweight.

There is a large industry out there dedicated to emptying your bank account with not much evidence behind it.

Some of the drugs used in the past to help people lose weight are either not sustainable and some have been frankly dangerous.

Participants on ‘The Biggest Loser’ show actually had slower metabolism as a consequence of being overweight, even when they managed to lose a lot of that weight.

The most important part of trying to lose weight is modifying your diet. Exercise is good for all kinds of reasons, but not terribly helpful for weight loss.

  • Cut down your portion size
  • Try reducing your food intake to 80% of the current level
  • Try using a smaller plate or drinking water while you eat to make you feel fuller
  • Track your calories

There some really good apps and websites to help with calorie tracking including MyFitnessPalEATracker and FatSecret.

High calorie, sugary foods can induce cravings which activate the reward pathways, as can carbohydrates.

  • Reduce your carbohydrate intake, including bread, pasta and potatoes
  • Choose nutrient dense, calorie poor foods (such as green leafy vegetables and wholegrain products)

Jamieson used to weigh 340lb and he managed to lose weight by making a series of small changes leading to him eating more healthily in a sustainable way.

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